Winter Is Coming!!

Protect your Parking Lot & Surface Pavement with Asphalt!!

Many People question that when it is the RIGHT TIME to pave an asphalt surface or parking lot. At Main Infrastructure, we have the knowledge to answer any of your questions. Read on to find out…

However, we can pave in the winter months that allow experienced contractors to handle paving jobs without sacrificing quality.

Asphalt paving in cold weather can be CHALLENGING and a little more expensive because it requires more equipment’s & personnel for the same job.


Why Winter Paving Is Challenging?

winter asphalt pavingExtreme weather conditions in Toronto make the construction of asphalt surface more difficult.  As an asphalt paving company, we have the right knowledge with sufficient manpower to undertake challenging paving projects.

When it comes to asphalt paving, only the toughest will do. We at Main Infrastructure, performs both residential & commercial asphalt paving needs for toronto residents.

While paving in the cold weather you need to understand the factors that affect the cooling rate of the mixture. Before Paving, You also need to decide that what variables you are willing and able to control like project size and requested mix delivery temperature.

During the rolling operation, hot mix asphalt (HMA) temperature decides the compaction operation successfulness. Our crews have a well understanding of how to mix the material to get the best compaction of HMA.


#1: Which Material is Best for Paving?

There are mainly two types of materials for parking lots & driveways – asphalt and concrete. There is no bad choice; it really depends upon your preference and budget to decide what material you need.


winter asphalt paving


You can go for asphalt if your budget is low. This material is highly durable & smooth. Not only its durable, it is easy to install and can provide great aesthetic and curb appeal than a concrete driveway.

Asphalt is more weather resistant material as compared to concrete, especially in colder regions where it can easily contract & expand without incurring too much damage.


#2: When is the Best Time to Pave Asphalt?

Temperature plays a vital role in the compaction of asphalt which can affect the lifespan of asphalt paving. The best time for asphalt paving is said to be in between the months of mid-March and mid-November. It is also said that the ideal temperature for paving is about 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

But, we recommend paving asphalt or resurfacing your parking lot in the late spring when the snow melts.


winter asphalt paving

Though you can pave even in adverse weather condition, you have to be little careful and take precautions while paving in cold weather condition.

In cooler temperatures, asphalt will have less time to remain pliable. The crew has to work quickly and more efficiently in order to complete the job.

Spring and summer are always the best time to lay down asphalt driveways and parking lots. You should schedule your paving in the spring (when the snow melts) to avoid unexpected delay and get the better result.


#3: What You Should do to Prevent Edges of your Driveway from Cracking?

Are the edges of your asphalt driveway cracking? This is a result of the vulnerable edges having less support.

Asphalt driveways can erode over time like any other surface that is constantly exposed to the elements. In order to extend the lifespan of the asphalt driveway, we recommended asphalt repair & maintenance.


winter asphalt paving

You should take care of the drainage while installing the new pavement. You can have a ‘beveled edge’ on the side of the drive with an angle of 45° which defuses the pressure.

Most importantly, fill the cracks you notice, even the smaller ones.  You may be comfortable fixing minor cracks on your own, but if you’re not, get in touch with a pothole repair company to ask for assistance.


#4: When I Can Drive on My New Driveway?

Your new asphalt surface can take a few days to cure depending on the temperature variation.

When you are paving using advanced pothole patching machine, you don’t have to wait for a long to drive. You can drive on your driveway as the installation finishes.


winter asphalt paving

While using the new technologies like infrared asphalt patching, you are able to open the driveway for the traffic after the installation. It’s very quick and provides better compaction.

If your living area is prone to snow and bad weather during winter, do everything possible to avoid areas that are damaged.

If you do this, you can save time and frustration having to put your vehicle in the garage. This will also lower the chances of causing an accident. All you can do before spring is avoid the cracks and potholes in the asphalt road on which you drive.


Reach Out to Main Infrastructure Today!!

If you are in need of asphalt repairs & maintenance services, we are here to help you!

We handle jobs of all sizes for both commercial & residential needs. Our services includes Asphalt Paving Toronto, pothole spray patching, asphalt crack sealing, and catch basin repair services.

Don’t let minor cracks & potholes damage become out of control this winter!!

Let our asphalt pavement professionals at Main Infrastructure get your pavement looking its best again.

Our asphalt contractors can repair any minor damage after the winter ends and help keep the structural integrity of your asphalt pavement intact.

If you have more questions about Asphalt Pavement & Winter Paving or would like a free quote, contact us or visit our website.

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winter asphalt paving


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