Vacuum / Hydrovac Services

Catch Basin Cleaning For Parking Garages with Low Clearance

At Main Infrastructure we are the excavators that provide you with the safe solutions services to clean out the drains in low clearance parking garages. With our specialized equipment, we are efficient at cleaning the drainage and catch basins in your underground parking garage. Our trucks are designed especially so they can access the lowest clearance areas in an underground garage. Being more efficient means we spend less time on the site and the job gets done faster and more effectively.

Main Infrastructure "Low Boy" vacuum trucks are the best when it comes to parkade drain cleaning in low clearance spots. We have the largest fleet of specialty equipment to handle septic, sewer and drainage maintenance in the Toronto GTA plus the experience to do the job right. Hydrovac Services Toronto delivers high quality drainage and sewer cleaning services to help clear drains located in low ceiling parkades in order to prevent pricey and costly repairs.

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Stormwater Drain/Manhole Cleaning

Cleaning is the first step in Stormwater Drain and sewer maintenance and restoration. Utilizing the latest in high-velocity Main Infrastructure units and an array of proven ancillary equipment, our Main Infrastructure pros can tackle any Stormwater Drain and manhole cleaning project in an environmentally-responsible way.

From big municipalities to private developers, we regularly provide Main Infrastructure services to a variety of clients specifically for Stormwater Drain, culvert and manhole cleaning. With the ability to clean quickly and effectively while leaving little to no footprint, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to Main Infrastructure professionals for their Stormwater Drain, sewer and manhole cleaning needs.

Culvert Cleaning

Dirt and grass is infamous for clogging culverts and blocking the proper flow of water. Thankfully, clogged culverts can easily be cleaned with our Main Infrastructure vacuum/hydrovac services. Utilizing highly pressurized water, dirt, grass, and other debris can be easily broken up without risking or damaging the culvert itself. As the dirt, grass, and debris turns into a muddy sludge, we then use our high-powered vacuum to quickly and effortlessly remove the sludge and leave the area free of debris allowing water to flow as it should.

Prior to hydrovacs, culvert cleaning could only be done with multiple workers painstakingly utilizing hand-held devices. However, thanks to today’s high-performance Main Infrastructure vacuum trucks, culvert cleaning can be done much more quickly and efficiently, saving clients both money and time.

Professional Main Infrastructure crews can remove virtually any type of soil, sludge, debris, and material. Whether it’s wet or dry, culvert-clogging material can be removed from remote distances hundreds of feet away, allowing for the cleanup of several culverts without even having to move the truck. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Pile Holes

Thanks to its precision, efficiency, and ability not to disturb the surroundings, Main Infrastructure hydro excavation is ideal for the excavation of pile holes. Unlike other forms of excavation, Main Infrastructure vacuum excavation doesn’t damage power lines and underground utilities which are often uncovered when excavating pile holes.

Main Infrastructure Vacuum/Hydrovac systems can be used to excavate pile holes for a variety of installations, such as structural supports, telephone and utility poles, footers, fence posts, and directional test holes. By directing highly pressurized water at precise angles and simultaneously extracting the water and sludge in an environmentally-friendly way, Main Infrastructure systems are far better than traditional pile hole excavation methods.

Leave It To The Pros
The days of busting pipes and ruining landscapes with 20-ton excavators are long gone. Thanks to today’s cutting-edge Main Infrastructure services, companies in a wide variety of industries are benefitting from Main Infrastructure hydro-vacuuming’s ability to excavate, trench, locate, and clean up virtually anything in no time with little to no environmental impact. When you factor in the low cost of Main Infrastructure hydrovacing in comparison to other methods and the many things these revolutionary systems can do, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to Main Infrastructure hydrovac systems for their excavation and cleaning needs. Give Main Infrastructure a call for any hydrovacing you need.