Manhole / Catch Basin Repair

Over an extended period of time and due to high traffic and heavy loads of vehicles, concrete and bricks used in constructing catch basins and manholes begin to degrade, resulting in water penetration and cracked concrete or asphalt around them. If disregarded for long, this condition can worsen and may call for a complete resurfacing of your asphalt pavement.

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The fully engineered Main Infrastructure system is the World’s First Standardized System for replacing/repairing all types of catch basins and manhole repairs. Our professional contractors specialize in catch basin installation, repair, cleaning, repaving, and resurfacing. We ensure that the leak is eliminated and the repair is always level with the surface eliminating the bump. Catch Basin Repairs are completed in just few hours with extra labor savings, combined with material savings and increased worker safety, which makes the Main Infrastructure System the smart choice.

The Main Infrastructure chimney replacement system uses a cutter-extractor to cut and remove the manhole frame from the road. First, a speed plate locks in to the frame of the manhole and allows the machine typically a skid loader or a backhoe that controls the cutter to be positioned at the appropriate points around the manhole frame. Attaching the cutter to a machine such as a skid loader generally uses a standard auger drive and requires no modification to the hydraulic system of the machine.

The cutting system has an adjustable cutting diameter of 28 in. up to 72 in. and can cut through asphalt and concrete. Cutting into asphalt on average takes less than 10 minutes but in concrete cutting can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Once the manhole frame and surrounding road material is cut down to the cone level, it is removed from the road with no need of jack hammer any asphalt our concrete.

We developed and applied the integrated height control device together with an innovative formwork which can setup a Manhole our catch basin frame in minutes ready to pour concrete.

Using a fast Setting Concrete Mix the manhole our Catch basin will be ready for the asphalt layer in less than 30 minutes. The using of Concrete will eliminate any cracks our water penetration.

Another sealant is applied to seal the interface between the outer edges of the asphalt finish and the pavement to prevent water from penetrating the structure.

Our qualified team is experienced with installing, repairing and replacing manholes and catch basins at short notices to bring your pavement to its watertight best.

Our crew works in a silently efficient manner to prevent any disruption in regular traffic flow. We not only replace or repair the manholes, but also ensure a smoother functioning by adjusting proper slopes, depressions, cracking and uneven grate around the catch basin to build a resilient catch basin according to your original design specifics.

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