Sweeping Services

We develop quality-driven, multi-disciplinary teams that are capable of delivering the best solutions to your unique challenges. Our approach with each client is to develop the correct project team, with an array of diversified talent, experience and knowledge. This ensures the best resources and organization are provided to achieve your project’s goals.

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Power Lot Sweeping

Power Sweeping is great for outdoor and underground parking lots. Our machines are all propane powered which produce clean emissions. Regular sweeping is ideal for parking lots as they that have excessive debris particularly along the curbs where garbage, cigarette butts and sand tend to build up. This build up gets blown as fugitive dust which can blow onto pedestrians and vehicles. We collect all the debris and dirt and remove it off site. Our machines are also very quiet which makes them ideal for night use even in residential neighborhoods. A regular cleaning regimen will not only maintain the integrity of your pavement, it will keep it looking spic and span.

Power Lot Scrubbing

Power Scrubbing employs water in combination with the sweeper to scrub stubborn stains from any floor surface. This process is effective for underground garages that cannot be power washed due to drainage constraints because the water is collected by the machine and nothing enters the drains. This machine can be used in combination with power washing which makes it very effective in removing stubborn stains and reducing the need for chemicals. It removes all of the dirt from the surface so that it does not enter the small area drains, making the wash process fast and keeping the drains clear. This machine is propane powered making it ideal for indoors. Scrubbers can also be used inside warehouses and factories to clean large floor spaces.

Municipal & City Work

Municipal work is definitely a valued part of our business model through a contract basis, municipal on-call emergency sweeping, as well as one-time event-based cleaning for road rallies and public races coordinated by cities and park services. Our Municipal & City Work includes street sweeping, sidewalk and walkway sweeping and annual "spring clean ups" and "Leaf Programs". We continue to seek out municipal opportunities when we see reasonable profitability for our company while not compromising the level of service we deliver.

Construction Company Cleanups

Large and small construction companies make up a fairly large portion of our customers. These range from very large site preparation companies working on industrial and residential projects to medium and small size developers and builders of new residential subdivisions.

We are the power sweeping service provider of choice for most of the large firms with multiple projects in Toronto GTA. Our ability to deploy our machines 24/7, work unsupervised, understand the scope of work and clean up job sites to exceed the requirements of the local municipal regulations and bylaws ensures our customers are compliant and stay operational. The cost of a site shut down for a dirty road far, far exceeds a simple call to our dispatch and our fee for power sweeping services.

We perform a variety of tasks for this segment of the industry including regular clean ups, dispatched one-time cleaning services, scheduled sweep days for ongoing maintenance and ministry/municipality compliance. In many cases we stay on site daily to ensure the needs of the job and area are addressed "live".

Construction clean ups are not just a task that any street sweeper company can excel at. We have recognized the unique aspects of these jobs and have taken steps to educate our entire team on the logistics involved as well as maintaining our sweeper trucks daily for these specialized conditions. Small adjustments to the sweeper mechanisms by our knowledgeable technicians can optimize performance and deliver a heightened level of service that is noticeable to all.

Paving Preparations

Working with a grinding machine takes not only specialized machines at times but a working knowledge of the process and flow of the job. We have High Dump sweepers that are designed to dump the hopper load into a dump truck or other container up to 12’ high. This saves a grinding crew valuable time and eliminates the need to dump off site and/or “touch” the material multiple times. Our Mechanical Sweeper, which is set up specifically for sweeping up grindings, along with our highly experienced “grinding job” operators ensure that the paving prep can come in right behind the grinding task with minimal delay.

Prep for laying the pavement requires a specific setup of the sweeper to optimize performance (get the job done quickly), but just as important is the operator’s knowledge of the flow of a paving project. An experienced sweeper operator can anticipate the needs of the job while staying out of the way of the paving crew. These jobs are frequently done on roads and high volume intersections that must remain open to traffic. Our operators work with the traffic control personnel to ensure the job gets done, while keeping safety as their paramount concern.

Leave It To The Pros
We give our site teams, drivers, support staff and everyone else in the business the tools and training they need to identify and mitigate risks and protect themselves, their colleagues and the public from harm.