Every new client has the same inquiry.

How Much Does Asphalt Cost Per Square Foot? However, the Cost to Pave a Driveway Ontario varies with different factors.

From the size of the project to the different paving steps, every factor impacts the final driveway paving cost.

Having a clear project specification can help determine the right Cost To Repave Driveway.

As a leading asphalt contractor in Toronto, we always come across questions like How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway. Thus, we have shared a complete guide for determining the right asphalt paving cost.


How Much Does It Cost To Pave Your Driveway?

cost of asphalt

The complete budget differs from the entire asphalt paving installation. For every pavement, a strong foundation is mandatory.

In fact, for a completely new road, the scope of pre-work remains.

Here’s how a strong base layer affects your Driveway Cost Ontario!


  • Clearing- Before asphalt paving installation, removing trees, vegetation and shrubs are necessary to protect the pavement from weakening.
  • Excavation- It means mounting and grading of the base layer. Mounting shapes the pavement. Excavation removes out dirt and soil providing an even shape to the pavement. Next, comes the grading helps to smooth out the sub-base layer.
  • Repairs- When repaving, contractors have to analyze the base for any asphalt paving repairs. In the case of cracks, potholes, and other deformations, it requires repair after which further process can begin. When left, existing defects can lead to structural failure.
  • Leveling- To increases the thickness of the base layer, leveling is of great help. Not only it smoothens the pavement while removing roughness but also promotes thickness.
  • Tack Coats- Tack coating helps secure bonding between base layers. In addition, it reinforces any loose paving material and unifies them.

In the case of asphalt repairs, additional charges may apply. Thus, consulting everything clearly beforehand is necessary to avoid future misunderstandings.

Subbase to Base Layer

The base layer lies between the sub-base layer and the final asphalt surface. It helps in lard distribution while increasing the durability and strength of the foundation underneath.

Interestingly, the base layer consists of two materials. Either of them can significantly affect the final Asphalt Cost per Square Foot Parking Lot.

  • Aggregate- Usually, it’s recycled material, fundamentally, it is a mixture of gravel and sand. After laying the base layer, the next step is the application of aggregate to stabilize the upper surface.
  • HMA-HMA stands for hot mix asphalt. Well, the flexible mixture elevates the pavement’s ability to bear a heavy load. Besides, it helps build a firmer base.

The Surface Layer

The surface layer is the upper asphalt, which bears the traffic and varying weather.

Consistent traffic and exposure lead to damages. Hence, the upper layer needs to be the strongest. While asphalt pavement installation, the crew needs to take care of it.

They use a mixture of HMA, which contains aggregate, and asphalt binder. Moreover, the binder functions as a cement for the asphalt paving material. Eventually, it strengthens the component helping them stick together. After application of the HMA mixture, it hardens and forbears the load.

Take note of other essential expenses including site preparation repairs, and materials for each layer. Obviously, this determines a long-lasting final asphalt pavement and the Cost Of Paving Driveway Ontario.

Proper Drainage

Only right asphalt pavement installation doesn’t ensure long life. In fact, improper drainage can even lead to immense damage and even structural failure.

Poor drainage system leads to water accumulation for a longer period.

Hence, due to incurring water and moisture, cracks and potholes become regular. Leading to future expenses adding to the overall Cost to Repave Driveway Ontario.

Thus, fixing your drainage system along with repaving the driveway and parking lost is necessary to withhold future expenses.

Workings of Surface Drainage

Water accumulated on the surface layer needs to be removed. For proper infiltration of unnecessary water on the upper-layer requires a proper drainage system.

Proper drainage at the surface level includes:

  • Using impenetrable material-HMA is the best paving material becoming more durable with hardening. In fact, it prevents water from seeping into other layers.
  • Creating a slope- A part of asphalt pavement should be sloppy to allow water to flow and prevent it from
  • Catch basins and gutters-the engineers need to adjust the catch basins and gutter for effective draining of water.

Subsurface Drainage

If surface level drainage fails to prevent water accumulation, the systematic subsurface drainage bashes to eliminate water.

Well, it requires different techniques for effective water removal.

  • The first technique is constructing a filter layer to prevent water from seeping into a permeable base. However, for a stronger pavement structure, it won’t work out.
  • The second method involves the use of a pipe system collecting water and shifting it into a drainage system
  • The final way involves the least permeable layer, which removes water rapidly before it could lead to any damage to the base layer.

Constructing a proper drainage system is an extensive process.

In fact, improper catch basin installation can lead to unwater expenses. Moreover, drainage designs must complement the asphalt project.

Undoubtedly, installing the water removing system with pavement installation would add to the final Driveway Repaving Cost.

Transporting the Asphalt

HMA needs to transport to the project site. This would surely add to the final asphalt paving costs. The cost would vary with the distance between the project site and the plant. Furthermore, the size or quantity of asphalt also determines the Cost To Repave Driveway.

So, How Much Does Asphalt Cost Per Square Foot? One of the best ways to analyze your average budget would be using Driveway Paving Cost Calculator Canada.

Moreover, Asphalt Cost Per Ton 2020 would differ that of its cost in 2021. Hence, in every scenario, it is best to discuss your project with a reliable asphalt paving company.

In fact, discussing with an expert would provide you the right average expenses needed.


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