Are You Planning To Install Asphalt Driveway?

But, do you know—selecting the right asphalt paving material plays a major role in durability in the long run!

Well, selecting the right Driveway Paving Material can further exceed the strength with respect to the weather condition of your locality.

Of course, being a business and property owner, you would seek for durability and long-lasting sturdiness over anything.

Hence, we have shared the best Asphalt Paving Materials so, you can get a long-lasting and excellent asphalt driveway for homes and businesses.


Asphalt Paving Materials – Get The Right One For Your Pavement

Asphalt driveway and pavement can enhance the appearance of your business and residential property.

However, to ensure durability, you need to select the best types of asphalt.

Have you ever wonder what makes a driveway or a parking lot?

Might not, well, a slight mishap!

Asphalt Materials #1: ASPHALT

Before you begin looking after asphalt, you need to know they are of mainly two types.

The first type of asphalt is referred to as natural asphalt. Usually, you can find it in lakes and rocks each being a little different from others:

  • Lake Asphalt – comprises 40 – 50% pure bitumen. This natural asphalt type is best for laying roads
  • Rock Asphalt – comprises 10 – 15% pure bitumen. This natural asphalt type is usually suitable for tiles.

In addition to the natural asphalt, residual asphalt form by refining asphalt-based petroleum. Besides the two asphalt types, there are several other forms of asphalt.

Each of these forms has minutely different usages.

#1: Cutback Asphalt

Cutback asphalt is a pure liquid form of asphalt paving materials. Typically, it is present in the paint solutions or for rejuvenating roofs.

#2: Asphalt Emulsion

Usually Asphalt emulsion has a small quantity of emulsifier and a greater amount of water. The prepared mixture has usages in larger building projects in wet climates and cold weather.

#3: Asphalt Cement

By applying heated very high pressurized air to natural asphalt, asphalt cement forms. Actually, the resultant product has significant usages in flooring and roofing.

#4: Mastic Asphalt

By using hot asphalt with mineral and sand, Mastic asphalt forms. In fact, it is quite solid making it perfectly usable for waterproofing and similar purposes.


Asphalt Materials #2: BITUMEN

So far, you have heard us talking about bitumen already. However, what is exactly?

Bitumen is typically a material also referred to as mineral tar. Usually, it contains the maximum quantity of carbon with a very minute percentage of hydrogen and oxygen.

Well, you can prepare bitumen by partially distilling petroleum.

Mainly, there are four types of bitumen and like asphalt each type has its own usage.

#1: Cutback Bitumen

By distilling asphaltic bitumen and combining in petroleum, Cutback bitumen forms. Commonly, its usage lies in preparing paints.

#2: Bitumen Emulsion

Actually, Bitumen emulsion preparation is drastically different form of asphalt emulsion. To prepare it, finely grind bitumen and add it with an aqueous solution. Typically, it has high usage in stabilizing materials.

#3: Plastic Bitumen

Require a good sealant? Plastic bitumen can work tremendously. In fact, it can fill cracks and breaks in between stonework and masonry. Eventually, making it the best asphalt paving materials.

#4: Blown Bitumen

To prepare blown bitumen, you have to put the material to extensive temperatures and high pressures. Once you have made the material, it can be used for insulation material.


Asphalt Materials #3: TAR

Another asphalt paving material is Tar.

Tar is a liquid having a greater quantity of carbon even more than bitumen. Commonly, its usage lies in wood preservation and paving.

Tar generally comes in three distinct forms including wood tar, coal tar, and mineral tar. Moreover, each variant of Tar has different properties, qualities, and usages.

Let’s have a look here:

#1: Wood Tar

When preparing wood tar, you have to distill a resinous wood till it discharges creosote oil. This tar type is best for preserving wood.

#2: Mineral Tar

Produced from rocks, mineral tar contains a significant amount of bitumen in them. The most relevant type of rock used in this procedure is shale. In fact, the prepared material is very adhesive and works amazingly for binding construction elements together.

#3: Coal Tar

Coal tar is a byproduct, produced while making coal gas. To prepare for the material, you have to combine water with gases released while coal production. Usually, the paving material has usage in asphalt driveway paving.

These paving materials have quite distinct usages and characteristics. However, when it comes to choose the paving material, asphalt serves best on every purposed aspect

But why? Let’s find out here!


Why Is Asphalt The Best Paving Material?

Asphalt is the most popular and highly preferred paving material. Well, there are several factors making asphalt paving materials most promising. Here, we have outlined all key properties to give you a breakdown behind its extensive popularity.

Benefit # 1: Perpetual Pavement

Asphalt driveway pavements are perpetual and have the durability to last longer when installed properly. Moreover, with routine maintenance using asphalt driveway repair you can further add longevity to it.

In fact, maintaining asphalt is easy and it requires minimal traffic distortion.

Benefit #2: Smoothness

Asphalt driveway pavements are a highly smooth upper texture. Obviously, with a smoother surface pavement chance of damage reduces and so lessens requirement of repairs.

Also, it enhances fuel efficiency and lessens wear and tear on vehicles making it the best economical decision.

Benefit #3: Faster Project Completions

Choosing asphalt as your paving material reduces the project completion time to a great extent. Eventually, this makes traffic flow more smoothly and lessens the impact on commerce.

In fact, the project can be planned for weekends and nights further lessening traffic disruption.

Benefit # 5: Economical And Adaptable

Asphalt requires a significantly low economical budget. In fact, it isn’t just less expensive on its cost, but lessen the time of project completion.

Moreover, it’s weather resistance material withstanding against the severest of weather and the heftiest of semi-trailers. All of these make it the best asphalt paving material.

Benefit #6: Safety

The safety feature of asphalt lies in a smooth finish. Actually, it provides drivers with skid resistance and lessens splashback.

Besides, it offers a better visual distinction between road markings. Also, it makes it easier to remove ice and snow from the pavement.

Benefit # 7: Sustainability

Asphalt is a recycled material, so you can recycle it again and again. You can dig it and then use previously used asphalt again.

Of course, this extensive sustainability property makes the most favorable asphalt.

Undoubtedly, all of these perks make asphalt the best paving material among all options available.

However, choosing the right asphalt paving materials can be tough for you. Well, contacting an experienced and expert asphalt paving company can help.


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  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

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