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Potholes are one of the major problems of failure of pavements due to which people suffer a lot. There are essentially different types of pothole repair methods that can be used, although sometimes people can get confused about the different types.

Once a pothole occurs, it needs to be patched. Asphalt Patching basically means that the pothole has to be filled in. There are different types of pothole patching machine that can be used—and each has its own benefits that can offer a more durable solution.

But, Do You Know What Are The Causes Behind Potholes?

Let’s dive deeper into it…


What Are The Causes Of Potholes?

Pothole Repairs Toronto


There are numerous factors that play a significant role in the formation of cracks & potholes. Potholes are normally caused by the expansion and contraction of water that has entered the ground underneath the road surface:

  • Cracks are formed in roads when the pavement can no longer support the weight of the traffic it carries or due to poor topcoat quality.
  • As water seep into the cracks of the pavement due to rainfall, the soil below it softens the road base.
  • The water collected beneath the pavement freezes and expands, forcing up the road surface.
  • As the temperature increases again, the surface returns to its previous level leaving the pavement elevated.
  • Weight of traffic collapses the road surface into the gap.
  • As the Traffic pass over the raised pavement, the surface begins to crack and fall into the hollowed area below, creating the pothole.

Well, it’s time to say GOODBYE to the POTHOLES!


Here We Are Highlighting 5 Different Methods of Pothole Repairs Toronto

#1. Throw-and-roll Pothole Repair

This method is known as the most basic pothole repair method as it is the temporary solution to fix your pothole problems. It is often used for temporary patches, when weather conditions are poor, or the road is to be rehabilitated soon.

asphalt patching techniques

In this throw and roll method, what you need to do is…

  • Firstly, Place all your asphaltic patch materials into an unprepared pothole.
  • Secondly, compact that pothole by driving a heavy vehicle (large truck, tractor, bulldozer, etc.) over it. This method requires cold mix asphalt to fill the potholes.
  • Finally, After filling the potholes compact the cold mix asphalt until the pothole is level with the pavement.

Using this method, it leads to compaction that allows a tighter patch and increased longevity.These methods typically end up being more costly in the long run as more permanent fixes are often needed down the road.

This method failure rate is pretty high, so we suggest only using it when you absolutely have to—other methods of repairing potholes are much more cost efficient!

#2. Semi-Permanent Pothole Repair

Get Rid Of Potholes Once And For All! This method is not permanent but often considered as one of the BEST method for repairing potholes besides full-depth replacement of the affected area.

This method dive deeper into the roots of the pothole problems by removing water and debris from the pothole area before adding the patching mixture.

Pothole Repairs Toronto

Following steps should be followed while using this method:

  • Firstly, remove water and debris from the potholes.
  • Then, Clean cuts are made along the sides of the potholes and the pavement is made solid.
  • After that, Mix the patching material and place it on the affected area.
  • lastly, The patch is then compacted with either a vibratory roller or a vibratory plate which is smaller than a patch area.

This method allow you compact pothole that leads to a tighter patch and provides exceptional longevity. It is also considered as more labor intensive process and requires more equipment in order to complete the repair.

#3. Spray-Injection Pothole Repair

This method is considered to be the most useful and EFFECTIVE  for repairing small pavement defects. It is similar to semi- permanent repair method, though it requires specialized equipment.

The spray-injection pothole repairing method is performed by using a self-contained truck mounted system that has all the necessary materials in separate storage compartments.

Pothole Repairs Toronto

Following steps should be followed while using this method:

  • Firstly, it consist of cleaning the patch area by removing all water and debris from the pothole.
  • After this is done, spray a tack coat of binder on the sides and bottom of the pothole, followed by blowing asphalt and aggregate into the pothole.
  • Lastly, it should be covered with dry coat layer of asphalt and aggregate on top of the patch to prevent patching.

No compaction is required using this technique and higher productivity can be achieved at the cost of increased equipment costs.

It is an ideal method for repairing cracks that are too large for typical crack sealing and provides much longer durability compared to the other methods. We also specialize in asphalt patching services such as: asphalt paving toronto, parking lot paving, repair and maintenance, and driveway paving.

#4. Edge Seal Pothole Repair

Edge patching is one of the common method used nowadays for repairing potholes and small pavement defects. This type of patching is generally done when the surface pavement edges breaks up due to traffic loading at the edge of the pavement or due to the presence of water, aggressive-growth vegetation, and wind from either traffic or the atmosphere.

This method of patching typically involves repairing edge breaks by applying quantity of asphalt premix to the damaged edge seal.  So, in order to improve the durability of the patch, the edge of the patch should be sealed to prevent the intrusion of water and other debris.

Pothole Repairs Toronto

Under this method, following steps are taken:

  • Firstly, you need to use throw-and-roll method that allows filling the potholes and transverse cracks.
  • Then, Compact the patching material into the potholes with a heavy vehicle.
  • After that, seal the edge of the patch by placing a ribbon of asphaltic tack that is placed over the crack between the existing pavement and the patch.
  • Now, place sand on the tack material to avoid vehicle tires from tracking the tack.

So, in order to improve the durability, the edge of the patch should be sealed to prevent the intrusion of water and other debris. This ensures that water cannot penetrate the patches, if once it is settled down and you’re done!

#5. Full-Depth Roadway Pothole Replacement

Full-depth patching is considered an EFFICIENT way to remove the entire pavement surface layer  over the patching area. in this patching method, the pavement and sub-base surrounding the pothole are completely removed and rebuilt.

Essentially, it rebuilds worn out asphalt by using old asphalt.  This method is complex and therefore it should be done by the professionals. After the pothole patching area is excavated, it is filled with hot mix asphalt.

commercial asphalt paving

Under this method, following steps are taken:

  • Firstly, the old asphalt is pulverized, mixed with cement and water.
  • Then, it is compacted to produce a base for either an asphalt of concrete surface.
  • After that, the asphalt layer is then applied to the surface.
  • Finally, the pavement is then rolled out by rolling machines which gives a perfect look and smoothness to the pavements.

Full-depth roadway pothole replacement provides much better appearance and durability to the roadways and pavements.

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